Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hat Trick by Brad Keene

Gordon Lake is a man in need of a home. He's abandoned his suffocating life in Chicago for the sprawling landscape and endless possibilities of Los Angeles. It's time to start over. Start fresh. But to where exactly...and with whom? Gordon is unable to decide upon a suitable roommate and a place to live. With no single choice feeling right, Gordon chooses three.

Different roommates. Different homes. Different lives.

A troubled Venice Beach artist in search of an audience. A self-absorbed salesman in pursuit of possessions. Two men embroiled in a bitter residential war.

Gordon will immerse himself in their daily existences for ninety-three days in a frantic effort to find the purpose of his own.

But the lines separating the lives soon blur, tearing apart his bold social experiment and exposing the very raw reasons everyone tries to run from who they really are.

My Review: 4 Stars
I received this book from a Goodreads giveaway. I entered looking for a break in my routine of YA, Horror, Dystopian, etc...And this book did not let me down!

This story centers around Gordon, whom after the death of his Father, leaves his life behind in search of who he really is and steps out of the persona of "his Fathers' son". He changes locations and narrows his roommate choices down to 3 very different living situations. Instead of choosing just one he decides to find himself in each.

I say BRAVO Mr. Keene! Fabulous debut novel, Brilliantly written. A definite page turner, not in the "Thriller" sense, but with great writing and short to-the-point chapters that make you eager to jump into the next life. Great characters! I really enjoyed watching Gordon unfold. My only grip would be that in a couple of the conversations, the cussing seemed forced rather than natural.

Oh what would we all be like if we could run away to search for our true, unadulterated selves. To fully dive into aspects that we would like to explore in greater detail and to come out the other end freer, without putting limitations on how we feel we should react, what we should like, etc... But knowing for sure these are your feelings on the matter, your choice. Not something instilled in you from childhood by how you were raised or even from where you grew up.

Life's to short to just live one - Brad Keene

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