Friday, May 15, 2015

Fabulous Friday Finds 5.15.15

Secondhand books hold a very special place in my heart and wallet. We have a couple of great used bookstores around my area and recently I spent the day dragging my Husband around to a few of them. He was so excited, I had to basically wake him up as he sat in a chair waiting for me to make my picks. I'm pretty sure said chair was put there for those occasions when a slightly unwilling participant is pulled over their threshold kicking and screaming. 
This particular bookstore sells new and used, new at 20% and used 50% or otherwise marked. You can also bring in up to 10 books per visit to either get money back or credit towards future purchases. In addition you get a $1 off your next purchase over $5 coupon every time and after spending $100, so keep those receipts, you get a $5 credit towards your next purchase.
So I brought in 10 books for a $4 credit and bought these two books for $4.49, before credit, so I ended up spending .49 cents :) That's right, and I'm a couple of dollars away from the $100 for my $5 credit.
So, if you haven't already, go and check out your local secondhand store.

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