Friday, June 19, 2015

Fabulous Friday Finds 6.19.15

     I don't know how many have heard of Paperback Swap, but it's a site where you can swap your gently used books and earn credits to pick from other bookies gently used books.
     A wishlist book of mine was posted and has finally arrived...

     EEK, Geek like screech, it's like Christmas. Because books are shipped media mail they could arrive as early as a week to as late as a month from the date shipped.
     When I signed up, in October 2014, you had the option of getting a membership, which has some extra advantages and you can have a longer wish list. As of March 18th of 2015 they now have three options for you (this is a very basic idea of the plans for more info click on the PBS link) :
1) A La Carte- where you pay .49 cents per book ordered in addition to a book credit and can have up to 100 books on your wish list.
2) Limited Membership- where you pay $12 annually, have up to 30 swaps free and a wish list of 200 books.
3) Standard Membership- where you pay $20 annually, have unlimited swaps free and a wish list of 500 books.
Membership Info Link!
     As of right now I'm A La Carte and  have 4 book credits, I'm feeling out how this change is going to affect the site. You should swing by and take a peek. It's a great way to clean out your stash while adding something new :)

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