Monday, July 6, 2015

Eye Candy with The Wolves of Mercy Falls

     Maggie Striefvater not only rocked the wolf scene with her series The Wolves of Mercy Falls it is continued with the Scholastic Press hardcover editions. 

     Before we explore the inside lets take a second and sneak a peek under the dust covers. Each hardcover is designed with a picture layered in three shades of a color and that color theme follows us in on the spine with the title, author and publishing company pressed in silver foil and a leaf (different for each book) embossed into the cover. 


     Now I think we're ready to dive into the pages of Striefvater's trilogy, you will not be disappointed. As with the covers, each book being represented by a color, why stop on the outside??? Once you open the pages you are hit with colored text the same as the cover. Blue/Shiver, Green/Linger, Red/Forever. 

 I'd like to give a round of applause and say well done to all involved.

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