Thursday, October 6, 2016

Queen of Hearts By: Colleen Oakes


It's So Beautiful!!!

First I would like to mention that I was given this book for review by SocialBookCo in return for an honest review. SocialBookCo is a website that helps you compare and find the lowest price for the books you want. Click this link to check out
Colleen Oakes Queen of Hearts. 

I was so excited to hear that one of my wishlist books was heading my way. I have wanted to read Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes since it was first published back in 2014 and to finally have it in my hands, not to mention with it's new Gorgeous makeover, I couldn't wait to dive right into the story.

But first I'd like to just take a minute to soak in this cover.
Front: Dinahs playing card, what a great play on the whole house of cards theme in Wonderland
Back: I love the hidden pictures, Cheshire's smile, tea cups, Hatter's hat
Spine: so crisp and simple
 above and beyond Beautiful.
And of course I love the velvety feel of the dust jacket :)

This is not a story of Happily ever after.
This is the story of the Queen of Hearts.
                                                 -from the inside flap

I love all thing Alice in Wonderland so to have a back story to the Queen of Hearts was a must read for me and I LOVED it!!! I give Queen of Hearts a 4/4.5 stars
The story kept me wanting to know more and I need to know what lies ahead for the characters. 

Have you ever wondered what made the Queen of Hearts mad? Why "Off with their Heads!" would bring her such joy? Or maybe you tried to imagine where it all started. Was she born this way or molded into the Queen we all grew up with. 

Well I feel Colleen Oakes has begun the fabulous journey of Princess Dinahs life before Alice, before she was to become one of the most memorable Queens from our childhoods. This story starts right off with upheaval and some game changing news that effects Dinah, the future Queen of Hearts, and the kingdom as a whole.

Could you imagine growing up surrounded in beauty, living in constant want of your fathers love and approval and finding out that all you knew and loved has changed. Now your very life is in danger.

Oakes crafted a beautiful Wonderland with its ornate yet deadly palace gates to the whimsical winter landscape all with the lingering darkness of the Black Towers within eyesight. I was intrigued with how the society of Wonderland was constructed and the different functions for each house of cards in this society and of course we can't forget the King of Hearts fearful rule. And I must say I love Dinah, gasp, I know! You can't help but feel for her and her life and how that shaped her into the future Queen we know from Carrolls' tale.

I enjoyed seeing the characters we all grew up with personified, from Dinahs teacher and caregiver Harris to her brother Charles as well as the Kings adviser Cheshire. Oakes played off of their characteristics in Carroll's original and gave them human personality's to fit. And while there is a budding love story for the young Princess, it did not take over the story and was not insta-love which I really appreciated.

I can't wait to get my hands on Dinahs continuing story in the Queen of Hearts saga, Blood of Wonderland which is expected to come out in January 2017. And for those that are curious, this was originally published as The Wonder and now is being re-released with an equally as Gorgeous makeover.

If you can't get enough of Wonderland I definitely encourage you to pick up Queen of Hearts.